Dance is an inclusive art . It is open to everyone, beyond any geographical and personal data barrier. Movement is a universal language in which everyone can find their own space and style. It is true, however, that children have unique learning abilities.

It is a common experience: anyone will have realized how children can learn complex activities very quickly. Approaching dance from an early age means having “something extra” .

dance for children

On the other hand , dance is a highly formative activity that also includes fundamental playful aspects that help the child to progress in his own learning without anxieties and fears. Our group courses are also an excellent opportunity for socializing and comparison.

The difficulty of a dance course for children lies in being able to involve young students. For this reason we entrust these courses to professional teachers accustomed to the relationship with the youngest.

The dance courses for children of the Italian Institute of Art and Dance aim to teach the fundamentals of this art to children, accompanying them to take their first steps in rhythm and following them in a path of study and development that can then continue in advanced courses.

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