Our goal is to ENHANCE, grow, pamper, educate, respect the child through the teaching of Dance. Discover all the disciplines of the school reserved for children from 4 years.

BABY LATIN course for mini couples (male-female) from 6 years old Latin American dances, smooth and standard . The end of year essay is prepared and for those who want a future as competitors.
SALSA course for mini couples, but also salsa and bachata singles . The year-end essay is being prepared. The course starts at 6 years.
BABY DANCE the course of chicks , in this course infants (even 3 years old) learn to dance to respect and listen to music with fun. Single children who are not in pairs can participate from 3 years. The year-end essay is being prepared.

TIP TAP The course is aimed at children from 7 years, The tap-tap is a dance genre in which the dancer wears the percussion musical instrument, composed of shoes with special adaptations to produce sounds. In fact, the main purpose of tap dance is to “play” a rhythmic line. The year-end essay is being prepared.

VIDEO DANCE a dance style made for the camera as music videos, movies, television shows. The basis of this style is the use of pop music. Another fundamental element is expressiveness, accompanied by a great energy that develops throughout the lesson and above all in the final compositions. Very useful for self-esteem. From 8 years upwards. Siprepara the year-end essay.

CHOREOGRAPHIC DANCES in this course the spirit of the group is fundamental, the choreographies are elaborate genres, Latin, modern, show dance. The end of year essay is prepared and for those who want competitions. The course is for girls aged 7 to 11 and 12 to 15 years.

CLASSICAL DANCE the basis of all disciplines, we recommend that all parents start with classical dance for any type of future course. Children from 4 years can participate in the course. The program is specifically designed to enhance the playful, psycho-motor and expressive aspect of dance.

The first postural and coordinative technical exercises are introduced, as well as the development of simple choreographies. Around the age of 10, the program develops the basic academic technical exercises that will be at the center and will form the basis of their future learning. This path will be important for the future.

HIP HOP The course of first steps is aimed at children using the “game” as a form of language in order to tap into the vast and imaginative natural motor heritage of the child and guide him through rhythm. it is aimed at children from 6/7 years. Our teacher’s choreography always impresses and conquers all children. The year-end essay is being prepared.

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